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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Hey guys! So I was just rewatching my wedding video and realized I never shared it with you guys! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

    Videography by: Rob Adams Films
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  • DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn
    DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn  9 days ago +447

    I have been waiting to see this video Nicole! Thank you for sharing it my friend much love xo going to watch it😘❤️ Nicole that was so Beautiful, and touching you should have told me to bring the Kleenex girl LOL I laughed so hard when his friend said when he met you that your eyelashes looked like bat wings was it part of your costume 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Patricia Vargas
      Patricia Vargas  4 days ago

      DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn
      I can't wait to have this beautiful moment one day

    • DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn
      DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn  7 days ago +2

      HairMusic Videos sorry about your dad 😢 believe in me when I tell you he will be with you in spirit on that special day when it comes❤️ There are angels all around us xo Nicole’s Wedding is what every woman dreams about❤️ And DREAMS do come true! Xoxo

    • HairMusic Videos
      HairMusic Videos  7 days ago +3

      DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn ... I cried when she came down the stairs to her dad. I know I can never get married bcoz my dad passed, and the thought of not having him walk me down the aisle pierces deep into my heart. I could never do it without him.

    • DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn
      DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn  7 days ago +3

      Maritza Campos Love is so Beautiful, Special, and life changing when it’s with the right person. Everyone deserves to have their forever! Hope when the time is right for yours it’s just as Beautiful❤️

    • Maritza Campos
      Maritza Campos  8 days ago +4

      DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn can't wait to be in this position I Love guys so much I cried just seeing how strong your love is for one and other ♡

  • lindsey marie
    lindsey marie  an hour ago

    This is so beautiful congratulations guys! You look great snooki!

  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez  3 hours ago

    Dear Snooki
    You remind me the ending of the story of Cinderella it was beautiful, and you are going to be a great mother with your family? I was waiting for this the whole time to see you on your beautiful wedding dress! May God with you and protect your families when life is good or bad. You have my blessing for you and your husband, even your beautiful children that include your entire families! 🌹 are red violets are blue love never crossed your mind until the day he met you!I hope you will find love and happiness in your life? Remember this always protect your daughter and son when they need your help?!
    Sincerely your fan from The JERSEY SHORE
    P.S I did change some words for the peom and I wish I could meet you in person to say congratulations on your wedding!

  • Aydee bts trash
    Aydee bts trash  4 hours ago

    I started to sob when she danced with her dad!!😫😭😭

  • Noelia Rodriguez
    Noelia Rodriguez  5 hours ago

    Aww that father daughter dance.😍😍😭😱😱

  • Marah Hernandez
    Marah Hernandez  5 hours ago

    Beautiful wedding 👰 🎩

  • Yanira Beltran
    Yanira Beltran  8 hours ago

    SO CUTTEEE💗 been waiting 💖

  • Keila Diego
    Keila Diego  9 hours ago

    She said on the dance with her husband “ YOU ALMOST DROP ME” that was cute and funny!!😂😂

  • The Generous Queen
    The Generous Queen  13 hours ago

    When you leant on your head on your dads chest during the father-daughter dance, my heart melted! So beautiful. I wish for that everyday as my dads passed on three years ago but such a beautiful wedding. To a lifetime filled with love, blessings and joy between you & Jionni ♥️

  • Christina Toma
    Christina Toma  19 hours ago

    Beautiful 😍❤️❤️

  • Debra Giroux
    Debra Giroux  20 hours ago

    Beautiful wedding Snooki 💕

  • Chelicakes
    Chelicakes  20 hours ago

    Priceless 😍

  • Danielle Dukes
    Danielle Dukes  21 hours ago

    This is so beautiful. 😍😇😭Love ya Snooks! Always have, always will.

  • IAmAmber Cotton
    IAmAmber Cotton  22 hours ago

    Your wedding is gorgeous and you were a beautiful bride

  • Susan Sanderson
    Susan Sanderson  23 hours ago

    Gorgeous wedding! Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us! Much love now and in the future ❤️

  • Chichimama 777
    Chichimama 777  yesterday

    A virtuous wife. Falling down drunk in the bar

  • Suzy Lee
    Suzy Lee  yesterday

    I had the warmest feeling the entire time even thought it made me whail with tears 😭❤️ thank you for sharing Nicole!

  • Renee Penton
    Renee Penton  yesterday

    I have been waiting to see this special day ! You looked beautiful! You still look so young and happy 😊! I love you and your beautiful wedding

  • Renee Penton
    Renee Penton  yesterday

    Nicole "Snooki" omg my heart ❤️! Literally is so amazing and beautiful! Love this so much!

  • blanche neige n
    blanche neige n  yesterday

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