Making the song with TheOdd1sOut (Life is Fun - BTS)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • James and I made a song about existential dread called Life is Fun :)
    The song is here:

    Thanks to James for having a hilarious voice:

    Thanks to Oxygenbeats for the awesome instrumental:

    M Zhuli

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  • Smirkin One
    Smirkin One  14 minutes ago

    timestamp 1:35
    80% of happiness being genetic felt like an exaggeration. It might well still be. here is a per-reviewed sites link on the topic.

  • Peter  Chris
    Peter Chris  22 minutes ago


  • Peter  Chris
    Peter Chris  23 minutes ago

    James* are young gotta make the most off it *dave ur a slave to people that are richer than you.

  • Cynthia Gutierrez
    Cynthia Gutierrez  36 minutes ago

    Love this. Great job guys.

  • big boi
    big boi  39 minutes ago

    *TrEeS sCrEaM iN ArAZoNA*

  • TheFrostedPlays
    TheFrostedPlays  41 minutes ago

    Time for a new internet ship.

  • vehiclenut
    vehiclenut  47 minutes ago

    I wanna be gay XD (End of video)

  • Damion Williams
    Damion Williams  an hour ago

    TheOdd1sOut and iDubbbz Crossover is something that must happen

  • Flor Guzman
    Flor Guzman  an hour ago

    Oh james The amaazing was sleeping with your photo with sunglasses

  • Christopher Michelle

    Is it just me or does James look like the baby on those vegan crackers he and Jaiden had in the 7 day vegan challenge in the thumbnail of this video

  • PhantomProphecy gfg

    That thumbnail tho,

  • Tøxic Føx
    Tøxic Føx  2 hours ago


  • roham neshatizadeh

    there is theodd1out toy in the backgrond

  • Jodi Dark
    Jodi Dark  2 hours ago

    Damn your hair is so beautiful and loooong 😍I wish I could grow my hair that long

  • marcy唯美
    marcy唯美  4 hours ago

    Holy crap when did Boyinaband's fanbase became a bunch of shippers
    Poor Dave. This was very good content by the way, "gay moments" or not

  • twenty one music rips

    now make a song with adam

  • 22FURI11
    22FURI11  5 hours ago

    ThE bEsT tHiNg AbOuT liFe Is LiViNg

  • OshaWHAT!? :
    OshaWHAT!? :  6 hours ago

    Me at The ending: Oh, The screen went black. I’m gonna watch something else now.
    James: I WANNA BE GAY!
    Me: 😳😂

  • LunaticHakuzu
    LunaticHakuzu  6 hours ago

    Dave why are you still Boyinaband if you're not a boy in a band

  • Fox Hawk
    Fox Hawk  7 hours ago

    anyone else notice the pumpkin pile????