What Happens When Musical.ly Stars Get Their Own Show?

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
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    Singing isn't the only thing people are pretending to do on musical.ly; apparently the app is home to an entirely more pretentious genre of lazy content: lip synch acting. But how far can someone go in life just by mouthing words that other people said? Turns out, pretty far actually.

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  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez  27 days ago +22233

    Love this episode. Everyone did awesome job. Love you Drew. Waited so long for this video yo come. Now. Can't wait the next episode to come out. Love the song.

    • House.Of.Misguided.Ghosts
      House.Of.Misguided.Ghosts  7 days ago

      Right when he said that, I started reading you're comment

    • AveragePiplup
      AveragePiplup  12 days ago

      tee hee (please read in anime school girl voice please)

    • ZAmpedNZ
      ZAmpedNZ  13 days ago

      I was wondering why this comment was pinned.... then I found out why and it’s glorious! 😂

    • paul5
      paul5  16 days ago

      ive never seen a comment with this many likes

    • __GalacticWish__
      __GalacticWish__  17 days ago

      SibboGuy Love this reply to a reply to the comment. You did an awesome job. Love you Sibboguy. Waited so long for this reply to a reply to the comment to come. Can't wait for the next reply to a reply to a comment to come. Love the reaction.

  • Remember me?
    Remember me?  29 minutes ago

    my late grandpa was in stephen king's godless drug addled mess of a film known as maximum overdrive or something like that i hear stephen was so high on cocaine he decided that throwing a bag of animal viscera under a green goblin truck was a good idea for the final product....... i'm so fucking proud

  • Hannah
    Hannah  33 minutes ago

    ok but for real. became a fan as soon as you mentioned mr. rogers

  • wiildminded
    wiildminded  40 minutes ago

    pretty funny that i got an ad for tiktok (basically musical.ly but not) on this video..

  • Charlotte Cooper
    Charlotte Cooper  an hour ago

    Um... it’s now called tik tok 😂

  • just an alternative emo kid

    "there's a guy i like who's clearly gay, but, i can convert him" *now hold up-*

  • Will Ellis
    Will Ellis  2 hours ago

    Drew's hatred toward non original content is amazing

  • Abby Rubio
    Abby Rubio  3 hours ago

    I cringed so hard I had to rewatch

  • party poison
    party poison  8 hours ago

    Sdksksks Elle Mills!!

  • Sjana -
    Sjana -  9 hours ago

    oh my god thank youuu

  • Ava Drake
    Ava Drake  11 hours ago

    they wouldn’t be as bad if it wasn’t for the fuckign m u s i c

  • Kotten
    Kotten  11 hours ago

    Don’t throw shade at Marvel

  • gamingigan
    gamingigan  13 hours ago

    I’m sorry for cringing fam squad

  • Bby Grande •666 years ago.

    Why is this actually funny

  • Ernesto Cano Carrill
    Ernesto Cano Carrill  14 hours ago +1

    16:00 a car just *skrtted*

  • Rani Mc Nanny
    Rani Mc Nanny  14 hours ago

    Halp I’m dIeinG tHis tOo fUnnY

  • Rani Mc Nanny
    Rani Mc Nanny  14 hours ago

    *Moves mouth to someone else’s voice* GET YOUR OWN SHOW!💕

  • demo yolo
    demo yolo  15 hours ago

    That Whole app is cringy as f

  • Whitefoot
    Whitefoot  17 hours ago

    Is anyone here to do the makeout?

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt  19 hours ago

    0:47 I haven't felt complete rage like that in so long. I honestly wish I was just making a joke, but it legitimately made me so mad.