13 Reasons Why I HATE 13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • IHE *starts the conversation* on what he dislikes so much about the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

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  • LadyPennyroyal
    LadyPennyroyal  1 months ago +7655

    as someone who works in clinical psychology and deals with her own mental health issues, this show is a wash to me, in particular "ghost hannah." i don't even understand what she's supposed to represent. there are many ways to experience psychosis other than schizophrenia, but if this guy is supposed to be having a psychotic episode, it's not realistic by any standard. hallucinations are VERY rarely that fleshed out (if ever), and are most commonly auditory. it would've made a lot more sense if he had just started hearing her voice everywhere and acquired the delusion that she was still alive or something like that. if you ask me, that would've made a much more interesting story. i feel like no one on the writing team even consulted anyone in the mental health field- or any real teenagers- because everything about the show is so cringey and inaccurate. /end rant

    • Jared Genesis
      Jared Genesis  6 days ago

      mental problems are bullshit.

    • kawaii girl
      kawaii girl  6 days ago

      LadyPennyroyal that..... IS LONG

    • fabio schettini
      fabio schettini  8 days ago

      Ive had pyschotic episodes and they are definitely how youve said them to be

    • Tony Peppermint
      Tony Peppermint  8 days ago

      It was a missed chance for them to use the cassatt player and someone getting Clay treatment. I do think they threw out all professional input.

    • Nazia Shakoor
      Nazia Shakoor  10 days ago

      Ok smart i gusse. ???

  • RedCatScratch
    RedCatScratch  16 hours ago

    21:43 Is that Putin's doppelganger on the right?

  • Alexandra Jones
    Alexandra Jones  20 hours ago

    I tried to start the conversation with my boyfriend. I told him 13 reasons why is stupid. He said I don't know why you're telling me this. I said because I'm starting the conversation dammit

  • OfMiceAndDestiny

    this show is so dumb because wouldn’t Tyler be dead? His head broke a sink and a mirror. That would make his brain swell, plus the assault would cause internal bleeding.. and Tyler didn’t tell anyone, meaning he didn’t get that fixed, and wouldn’t that fuck him up?

  • Team Purge
    Team Purge  yesterday

    I find this shit disgusting. It's making depression look like this thing that is easily solved. It's not, I'm on meds for it and in therapy and I can tell you it is fucking rough. People treat it as being sad here and there or feeling bad for feeling a little overweight so your sad. It is not that. Its dancing on a line of extreme happiness and extreme sadness and many other emotions. It can kick in whenever it likes and it doesn't have to be just because oh my parents separated which is a topic a lot of shows and entertaining pick on. This show suffers just like any other show that trys to deal with the same topic of depression and suicide. As I see it no show movie book or game and truly express depression as it's a personal condition. Every person who has it has a different depression or a different way to treat it. Nothing can really Express it unless your an expert or had/have depression. It's a topic that is being used for revenue by Netflix that I find disturbing and wrong.

  • Kms Kitty
    Kms Kitty  yesterday

    i love the way that you analyze which ever topic in your videos

  • Sara Sleightholm

    I was actually really confused at what Hannah was supposed to be to Clay. At first she seemed like a hallucination, symbolizing trauma and mental health issues pushed aside, but she acted like Hannah, actually like Hannah in some scenes that it confused me, and then when Clay has that breakdown. I'm pretty sure she was his hallucination, but they were so sloppy in portraying it that a lot of the impact that a scene like that could have had fell flat.

  • sunny lemus
    sunny lemus  yesterday


  • Shadow Force
    Shadow Force  yesterday

    Autism isn’t a mental illness it’s an mental disability! Sorry I was a small nit pick.

  • ciels table
    ciels table  2 days ago

    While I don’t personally deal with the issues presented in the show ((depression, bully, any trauma, etc.)) I know people who have and hang out with them regularly. I hate the show and how it portrays all these things, and it’s not starting a conversation because people think that their getting the right information. Sure, they might see an article that’s like “the inacurisies of thirteen reasons why” and write it off, but I highly doubt most people would see a character whose bipolar and have enough interest to look up bipolar disorder and check the accuracy.

  • Steelcogs
    Steelcogs  2 days ago

    The only reason that I'm watching this is because I watched the finale of this show and I... Really can't sleep. It's 2 o'clock and I'm so tired. Please help...

  • The Fussy Fox
    The Fussy Fox  2 days ago

    I remember when the novel this was based off of blew up when I was in high school. It wasn't really my cup of tea, so I never read it, and can't attest to how that particular medium handles the issue, but I hope to God it was better than the show does.
    The greatest problem I have with this show is that it tries to come across as some sort of martyr for mental health and serious topics, when in actuality it couldn't possibly be handling them in a more shallow way. Suicide, bullying, assault, and school shootings are all extremely delicate topics, and deserve more than being milked for melodrama and shock value. In my opinion, if they had any concern for being tasteful and understanding of the subject matter there never would have been a second season-it's painfully obvious that the showrunners picked hot button topics, and then decided to gloss over and romanticize the them in order to pander to a young, impressionable audience that sadly don't understand the harm that the show is teaching them. It feels gross to say the least to see people capitalizing off of something so sensitive in such a thoughtless way.

  • when ur stomach hurts but ur still eating

    I can't believe one of my favorite songs played in that show. That doesn't deserve to be there.

  • angel fucking
    angel fucking  2 days ago

    es el wey que se deja copiar por woshingo

  • The Clockwork Harlequin

    Wow, I love b-tech Twin Peaks. Seriously though is it just me or is Hannah just a terrible and less interesting version of Laura Palmer?

  • the walker
    the walker  2 days ago

    I love this shit 😄😄

  • milki tea
    milki tea  2 days ago +1

    *_-Start A CoNVErsaTION.-_*

  • Soviet weeb
    Soviet weeb  3 days ago +1

    I feel kinda strange
    I know this show is shit and that there are other shows that do what it tries but do it significantly better
    But for some bisare reason I still found the show enjoyable

  • John McKeon
    John McKeon  3 days ago

    Coming from a family of cops 👮 👮‍♀️ 🚓 aks any officer stoping a shooter is obviously the stupid decision to ever make and possibly could end your life.

  • John McKeon
    John McKeon  3 days ago

    The show does use shock value over quality story telling