"Burn. Kill. Destroy:" Parkland school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz confession video released

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • A Broward County judge has ordered that parts of the confession made to police by Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz should be released to the public. Cruz admits in the video he had been hearing a voice or demon speaking to him for years — “Burn. Kill. Destroy,” he said the “evil” voice told him.

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  • Jared Gillig
    Jared Gillig  42 minutes ago

    Damn, this is a controversial topic.

  • Yung Streaks
    Yung Streaks  an hour ago

    wait what he works?

  • Pink Muffin
    Pink Muffin  an hour ago


  • Logan Kanaitis
    Logan Kanaitis  2 hours ago

    What drove him, a severe mental illness

  • Parker_Thomas11
    Parker_Thomas11  2 hours ago

    ThE VOiCe ToLD Me TaKe UbEr

  • Parker_Thomas11
    Parker_Thomas11  2 hours ago

    “iTs JuSt VoIcES” this is what everyone says. Its BS

  • Top Gun
    Top Gun  2 hours ago


  • Kyle Sisk
    Kyle Sisk  2 hours ago

    Hate me or not I feel like this kid was set up.. no footage and the so called video he made before the shooting the boy had a cast on his arm.. I would love to see how he was able to use an AR15 with a cast in his arm? Just saying the story isn’t adding up..

  • Helen M
    Helen M  2 hours ago


  • George williams
    George williams  2 hours ago

    He’s definitely one of the dumber school shooters. Didn’t have the nerve to take his own life, hadn’t thought it all the way through. So

  • La Rata Blanca
    La Rata Blanca  2 hours ago

    No demons... just the joy of killing... give him the electric chair...

  • tischlerbmw21
    tischlerbmw21  2 hours ago

    He’s possessed with evil spirits

  • oh no dont find my loli collection

    damn we need a priest

  • Canadian Police.
    Canadian Police.  3 hours ago

    Nick is a monster an abosolute monster and nothing but one

  • LastChannonTho
    LastChannonTho  3 hours ago

    My cousins were in the shooting they survived

  • IsaacB
    IsaacB  3 hours ago

    He's not crazy its all bullsh*t

  • Mila Mangaliso
    Mila Mangaliso  3 hours ago

    He was a neatrual man just painted with wrong paint

  • LizMarie Diaz
    LizMarie Diaz  4 hours ago

    He’s such a little faker. Look at his body language look at how he’s trying to play it all up. He’s relaxed he just wants to die.

  • RIOT co No.15
    RIOT co No.15  4 hours ago +1

    For all of u that dont believe in god keep playing around, "theirs no good and bad, god and satan" just stick around for worse. Theirs a spiritual war going on meanwhile theirs people that have not even picked a side yet 😂😂😂 revelations is going to be great, i want to see the amount of people just standing their going "its just a halusination" 😭😭🤣

  • Juce
    Juce  5 hours ago

    "kill me" should have killed himself before he did what he did