Trump Says He Has 'Absolute Right' To Pardon Himself | The View

  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • “The View” co-hosts discuss the president’s tweet.


  • Mermaid We
    Mermaid We  3 days ago

    He is a bully and coward send trump to GITMO.

  • Mermaid We
    Mermaid We  5 days ago

    Because trump voters would/have sold their soul for one issue.and could care less if trump grabbes p€€€ys all day

  • Mermaid We
    Mermaid We  5 days ago

    Love the cue john McCain i like presidents that don't need pardons. LOL LOL

  • Mermaid We
    Mermaid We  5 days ago

    Duh innouncent people don't need pardons

  • Peter Luk
    Peter Luk  10 days ago +1

    Go hang yourself, President RETARD!!!

  • Cadmus
    Cadmus  23 days ago

    Meghan you forgot to mention wages have not increased for the majority of Americans and the country is showing signs of heading into a Recession of Trump's own making.

  • iFuzzy Games
    iFuzzy Games  27 days ago

    Joy Behar is so right. If trump had to pardon himself, wouldn’t that mean he’s guilty? Definitely. No other president has ever needed to keep saying I can pardon myself.

  • erzan
    erzan  1 months ago +1

    Free healthcare.
    Free education.
    Free America.

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis  1 months ago

    Trump and Giuliani are blowhards. GET THE STRAP! lol

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe  1 months ago

    Love Trump beiing my President. He is keeping all his promises. Dems want to raise your taxes, start with taking your guns ( then start with other rights). Flood our country with illegals who you will support. into.a socialism goverment. Look at Venezuela, is that what you want? Not me. Vote republician in midterms. Save our butts. red red red red red red red

  • martin martin
    martin martin  1 months ago

    this show is all about the show... stupid nonsense

  • Shaun Vargas
    Shaun Vargas  1 months ago

    Meghan McCain dissed Bernie? I hope she #FeelsTheBern!

  • Orian Spot
    Orian Spot  1 months ago +1

    Yes, the president can pardon his family. Yes, the president can pardon members of Congress – pardon former presidents, former CIA directors and on and on and on, including himself.
    From Mark lavin
    Education: Cheltenham High School, Temple University, Temple University Beasley School of Law, St. Louis Park High School
    Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese. He is president of the Landmark Legal Foundation,
    The president shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States except in cases of impeachment. Lets look at the language, and if the language is not confusing, it’s not complicated, it’s not contradictory, we follow the language in the Constitution. So the answer is, I would argue, definitively, regardless of what courts would say, yes, the president can pardon himself. Yes, the president can pardon his family. Yes, the president can pardon members of Congress – pardon former presidents, pardon CIA directors and on and on and on, in my view. And I don’t see much of an argument against it.
    People will start to argue public policy. People will start to argue certain Supreme Court cases. Although, interestingly, none is on point.

    “But, one of the earliest cases decided by John Marshall, United States v. Wilson, 1833, would seem to underscore my point.

    “And James Wilson argued during the Convention that pardon before conviction might be necessary. So, who can be pardoned? There’s no limitations. When the pardon can occur. There’s no limitation.

    “People will want limitations; people will argue public policy, but this isn’t a game. This isn’t about public policy. This is about what the Constitution says. We’re not debating a statute.

    “This isn’t a plebiscite or a referendum. Doesn’t matter what the media say. Doesn’t matter what Congress says. Doesn’t matter what anyone says. It matters what the Constitution says.”

  • kiss butt
    kiss butt  1 months ago

    *Impeach and convict* !!!!

  • Andy Ferguson
    Andy Ferguson  1 months ago

    Did those ‘scholars’ get their degree from Trump University?

  • Johnathan Johnson
    Johnathan Johnson  1 months ago

    Read Section II, Article II in the U.S Constitution. Trump can pardon himself however, not from impeachment to sum it up.

  • CREvothegreater
    CREvothegreater  1 months ago

    dems r 4 the working class??.......r u fucking nuts???......their bosses r americas is that idiot red head old white woman thinking??.......htf do public servants end up being worth 100's of millions of $ when their wages dont even add up to 1 million $?....look at maxine & nancy...."theyre way better than u"........

  • CREvothegreater
    CREvothegreater  1 months ago

    wow these women are extremely ignorant, or paid actors.......smh......

  • CREvothegreater
    CREvothegreater  1 months ago

    i looked into it & he's right......he can pardon any1......omg.......

  • MOHAMEED johnson
    MOHAMEED johnson  1 months ago +1