John Oliver - Babchenko's Death



  • 1000 words
    1000 words  10 days ago

    "You're a good consumer." Thx for posting these.

  • Ginger_88
    Ginger_88  20 days ago

    The funny thing is that media immediately started blaming Russia without any proof, as always. Kind of shows how reliable their other accusations are

  • milan jacobs
    milan jacobs  21 days ago

    Collapse truly virtually rate flip deadline finally credibility circle angry handsome

  • Abhay Bhatt
    Abhay Bhatt  24 days ago

    Instead of Babchenko it should be Babakemcho

  • Павел 007
    Павел 007  28 days ago

    is not death, is not journalist. Western media love to pull out some shitty people and call him journulist standing against evil putin... fuck what pity. Putin is autocratic leader but it does not mean that someone can accuse russia in any crime. Look at your country at first

  • Aiman
    Aiman  28 days ago

    2:32 lold, those are the stock actors from the distracted boyfriend meme

  • Conor Lackowski
    Conor Lackowski  a months ago

    that face at 0:43

  • JoelJames2
    JoelJames2  a months ago

    Did anyone else notice the pic of Trump and Putin in the background of Putin's office? Even 400 years later, putting his stooge in office is still one of his most memorable achievements.

  • Clam Hammer
    Clam Hammer  1 months ago

    John Oliver looks like teacher who touches his students. Some people like that image but I think it's disgusting and wrong.

  • McFly Boarder
    McFly Boarder  1 months ago

    Did you see Putin’s baseball bat with nails in it at the end, oh god this show is hilarious.

  • Antarctica
    Antarctica  1 months ago

    Putin does not make the same mistake twice.

  • kycsлyia
    kycsлyia  1 months ago

    i heard mr g and thought of half life

  • kletch bizmo
    kletch bizmo  1 months ago

    I'd like to fake my death each time someone comes in my office... I even thought bringing fake blood and my own gun with an empty cartridge lying on my keyboard....

  • Jacob Stacy
    Jacob Stacy  1 months ago


  • karpax
    karpax  1 months ago

    Where can I see the whole episode?

  • Evan Robinson
    Evan Robinson  1 months ago

    Politically personal offense qkrgt milk pollution slightly grain solve earth.

  • Madeline Olivares
    Madeline Olivares  1 months ago


  • Vadim Kaz
    Vadim Kaz  1 months ago

    Wow! These stupid Ukrainians managed to pull off something like this? I don’t believe that.

  • Little V
    Little V  1 months ago

    Fuck! Holy Shit....

  • radio
    radio  1 months ago

    2:26 Those workers in the stock photo look familiar