SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS 2018 (Goals & Highlights)

  • Published on:  Saturday, June 2, 2018
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    Welcome to the FINAL Sidemen FC vs YouTube Allstars match highlights and goals from The Valley, Charlton.

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    Charlton Athletic Community Trust:

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  • when2033comesyouaredone

    am i the only one who caught that beautiful reception from Minter at 5:58 from a goal kick, that was really nice having in account the dificulty level, it was better than the goal to be honest ...

    JHYETALKS YT  18 hours ago +1


  • eisa Dh
    eisa Dh  19 hours ago

    hatrick from simon

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez  20 hours ago

    For some reason I think that they let youtube all stars score or the other team suck

  • Netro
    Netro  20 hours ago

    7-1 reminds me of something... dont know what it is

  • Netro
    Netro  21 hours ago

    Miniminter vs YTAS

  • The Kenzerine
    The Kenzerine  yesterday

    These games cant be taken serious

  • the destroyer x

    This reminded me of brazil vs almanya in 2014

  • Signa •
    Signa •  yesterday

    Why's no one talking about WillNE? He almost "broke" RiceGum's leg. Legend.

  • Republic of Braveland

    Lachlan was a sidmen?

  • Jasan Harris
    Jasan Harris  2 days ago

    How is deji not on sideman? team

  • Jasan Harris
    Jasan Harris  2 days ago

    It would've been smart to put Chris MD on sidemen team

  • Dante Turk
    Dante Turk  2 days ago

    They should have brought f2

  • LabMadeJRT
    LabMadeJRT  2 days ago

    wtf was the youtube allstars goalie doing, lmao

  • Marco Reus
    Marco Reus  2 days ago

    The goalkeepers are very lazy sign someone else

  • Matthew Tuber
    Matthew Tuber  2 days ago


  • Etienne De Cock
    Etienne De Cock  2 days ago

    everyone is so happy for vikkstar

  • Angelo Sabud
    Angelo Sabud  3 days ago

    Ricegum plays football??? Hmmmmm...

  • Jack Galloway
    Jack Galloway  3 days ago

    I never knew rice gum was in sidemen

  • Bouy Kim
    Bouy Kim  3 days ago

    Pls the sidemen pls teach vikk football to be like jj or Simon pls I wanna see vikk score for once