Brock Turner DENIED, James Charles Money Backlash, & Sinclair Tribune Merger Cancellation Explained

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Happy Thursday! Let’s talk about some newsy type stuff…
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    Convicted Sex Offender Brock Turner Loses Appeal:

    James Charles Complains About Not Being Paid Enough:

    Holy Fire Suspect Arrested:

    Giuliani’s Comments About Mueller:

    Sinclair and Tribune Merger Falls Apart:
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  7 days ago +1245

    Hope you enjoyed today's vid. Gotta go jump into Friday Show! See ya back here tomorrow. <3
    Brock Turner (00:06), James Charles (2:00), TIA (4:58), Holy Fire Update (6:45), Trump/Mueller (10:59), Sinclair/Tribune (12:49)

    • Huschibaba
      Huschibaba  3 days ago

      Hayden Van Meeteren Ah, ok. I was just curious cause I really didn't expect to find any AIU watchers in Phil's audience... you know... the people here are rather... "blue pilled".. for lack of a better term.

    • Hayden Van Meeteren
      Hayden Van Meeteren  3 days ago

      Huschibaba did I find AIU through the Brock Turner stuff? No. I found him through an anti feminist video he did when I was researching about the wage gap that didn't seem to be evident.

    • Huschibaba
      Huschibaba  3 days ago

      Hayden Van Meeteren Ecchi Version Of Liquid So you guys saw the AIU video as well, huh? Just out of curiosity: Did you know of the guy before all this Brock Turner stuff or did you discover him through that?

    • databang
      databang  3 days ago

      I've returned to continue the conversation because this is the DeFranco show, right? Remember. Brock Turner did nothing and wanted to see if you reconsidered.... well? Do I just wait here and wait for your manifestation, like a Philli-D burning bush?

    • Hayden Van Meeteren
      Hayden Van Meeteren  4 days ago +1

      Meek Peace if you look at economy you would be correct to say he is the 45th stupidest president

  • Jacob Webb
    Jacob Webb  29 minutes ago

    Considering the ability to find a job and re-enter society following prison time, research shows that there is a large stigma surrounding those with criminal histories; schools and companies are far less likely to accept people with criminal histories than those who, for example, have no job experience or who have been unemployed for a long period of time. California's prison system is actually a good example of a system taking measures to combat this, with prison education systems unlike anywhere else in the US, connecting inmates to its state universities to take classes. I am not aware if EMT license training is a part of that system, but if it isn't, it should be, and likely will be soon. All in all, rehabilitation of prisoners is very important from the personal and the economical standpoint, research shows that every dollar invested in prison education systems creates a four-dollar return on investment in contribution to GDP.

  • mactony4
    mactony4  2 hours ago

    A arsonist name Forrest would be so funny if it wasn't for the millions of dollars in damage cause by fire. Convicted sex offender Brock Turner should now be his legal name.

  • Guts The Berserker
    Guts The Berserker  3 hours ago +1

    *James Charles looks disgusting.*

  • Zachary Mclaughlin
    Zachary Mclaughlin  4 hours ago

    Being some one who has worked in fire camps I have to say the inmates are absolutely needed. They give services and absolutely are needed to run a clean and well fed fore camp. Also the fire fighters work their asses off

  • Mary Palmer
    Mary Palmer  5 hours ago

    The only way I remembered him when I saw him in the news the other day was because I now only know him as rapist brock turner.

  • rjc0234
    rjc0234  10 hours ago

    controversial opinion, but i feel that internet influencers are paid fairly, and its the main stream media influencers and dinosaur influencers that are paid far far far too much money.

  • rjc0234
    rjc0234  10 hours ago

    remember when that scumbag said "I Didn't rape a woman behind a bin, it was a 3 sided waste disposal area, not a bin." like that would help him get out of his case. in the USA they are struggling to keep a rapist in prison, in the UK they are struggling to not convict someone that told a joke.

  • noge
    noge  10 hours ago

    Inmates should be able to put the jobs they performed in prison in their resume and have it count towards their job seeking. The programs themselves are a useful and productive use of their time while they're in prison, and allows them to be productive members of society.

  • fueledbyspite
    fueledbyspite  17 hours ago

    Depends on the crime. You can't have people convicted of sexual impropriety can't be trusted with vulnerable people. I think convicted felons should be allowed to vote only after they have paid their debt to society. Low pay for prison workers... They're fed and sheltered at someone else's expense. Maybe instead of $0.20/hr they should be allowed to work time off the sentence?

  • xginia100x
    xginia100x  18 hours ago

    I am glad they dont alow sex offenders and life timers and all in the fire program for safety reasons. Prision jobs are an important thing and I am glad they get to do it and I'm sure its a sought after job in the prison.

  • Yayeet
    Yayeet  21 hours ago

    I think prisoners should have more opportunities depending on their crimes. A drug mule shouldn’t not be able to like be a fire fighter or something

  • Sarah Bartnik
    Sarah Bartnik  21 hours ago

    I love the picture used for Mykie lol

  • ThatLittleKitten
    ThatLittleKitten  22 hours ago

    On point, he is sex offender Broc turner

  • Jacqueline Trigo
    Jacqueline Trigo  22 hours ago

    Yeah that's odd, I watch YouTube way more then I pay attention to the "mainstream" celebrities like Bieber, Kylie, or Kanye

  • chgobrat
    chgobrat  23 hours ago

    I love that you keep saying “convicted sex offender bock turner”. It is great

  • Talise Snyder
    Talise Snyder  yesterday

    I think that limited future options for convicted criminals really just perpetuates a cycle of need and crime. If someone who can't feed their family steals and can't get a job when they get out of jail, you're not solving a problem.

  • Kinrig
    Kinrig  yesterday

    Skills learned in prisons should be able to be applied to resumes to help the inmates get jobs in the future.

  • Estephania Nieto
    Estephania Nieto  yesterday

    13 reasons why in real life

  • kickdocable
    kickdocable  yesterday

    On the topic of working prison inmates. There is a problem when inmates are released from prison and they can not find employment because they were incarcerated. I am a criminal justice major and i know that most inmates serving sentences are there due to non violent offenses. In some states there are government funded policies that promote business to hire recently released inmates. I personally believe in second chances mostly because there is a mixed expectations. The government wants released inmates to find jobs that are honest paying jobs but society does not want to hire them. I get that there is the mind set that all criminals are bad but regardless of what crime they have done they paid for there crimes they served time and unless they were convicted of a violent crime they should all be hired by business. When they don’t find jobs they turn to a life of crime and many returning offenders will say that they tried to find employment but they could not. Again I believe that they should be given second changes that way they don’t reoffend this not using tax payer money on inmates and using it for education or roads.