2nd Quarter, One Box Video: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers



  • Joshua Breyes
    Joshua Breyes  1 months ago

    Bobo cavs

  • El Puertorriqueño Gamer

    warriors won

  • Israel4Jesus Two
    Israel4Jesus Two  1 months ago

    It's more fun watching chair pulling pranks on YouTube then the finals

  • Gerald Duke
    Gerald Duke  1 months ago

    Is this the game highlights or Javales mixtape

  • Since when
    Since when  1 months ago

    Suck shit Lebitch you ain't gonna do shit you gettin schooled

  • Ethan
    Ethan  1 months ago

    everyone bagging JR for losing the game but dont forget that Hill missed the game winning free throw

  • Tupac Is alive
    Tupac Is alive  1 months ago

    Jason Williams.. Michael Jordan.. Scottie Pippin.. LeBron James.. and Tim Duncan and David Robinson vs warriors

  • mary hanna
    mary hanna  1 months ago

    Warriors win 4 str8

  • Tupac Is alive
    Tupac Is alive  1 months ago

    Boo warriors there cheating .. fuck Curry.

  • pie app
    pie app  1 months ago

    Who thumbs this down? Cavaliers?

    GYPSY OUTLAW  1 months ago

    But there's still another quarter so you never know

    GYPSY OUTLAW  1 months ago

    Jr gonna rebound huh LOL

  • Cvvr8 Nin
    Cvvr8 Nin  1 months ago

    God. Wow.

  • Hüseyin Fadullah Güngör

    if i were lebron, i would fuck every single of cavs player on the court. useless shitties

  • Joe Kowalski
    Joe Kowalski  1 months ago

    If I was an ape I be good at hoops

  • Stormy
    Stormy  1 months ago +3

    Most of y’all calling Jr trash but let’s not forget who missed the game winning free throw .... George HILL

  • JoGaming P
    JoGaming P  1 months ago

    Ayyyyyeee i was just watching that now ;)

  • Simply Jayy
    Simply Jayy  1 months ago +11

    lol who all came here by searching game 2 on google

  • Lele Izzy
    Lele Izzy  1 months ago

    Via liona Wtf nah! Wa are u doing

  • Maison Margiela
    Maison Margiela  1 months ago

    McGee in that bitch