Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Seth takes a closer look at the truly unprecedented level of corruption swirling around the president of the United States.
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    Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Maryann Jefferson
    Maryann Jefferson  10 minutes ago

    pOTUS is a "Ring Leader for a Criminal Enterprise". SO TRUE

  • Maryann Jefferson
    Maryann Jefferson  19 minutes ago

    PENCE, no matter what is said, is a sycophant.

  • Bill Brennan
    Bill Brennan  an hour ago

    What's wrong with a space force? Why don't you make fun of the air force too? Seth is a moron.

  • Zeh Fox
    Zeh Fox  an hour ago

    He can make a Space Force, we WILL need one eventually. But please...dont call it the Space sounds so stupid. Like a Chinese bootleg Starship Troopers

  • LOWE sonia
    LOWE sonia  2 hours ago


  • DJ Penske
    DJ Penske  3 hours ago

    Funny considering Hillary and Obama are still under investigation

  • Mario Maleski
    Mario Maleski  4 hours ago

    SETH MEYERS, You do make these topics more bearable, but the BS wont stop, it would be commendable for you to join in making change, with other high celebrities. You & Jimmy Kimmel go head

  • Mario Maleski
    Mario Maleski  4 hours ago

    Has any president ever had a fuckin pep rally for himself a year after hes won.

  • tinkerbell tinkerbell
    tinkerbell tinkerbell  5 hours ago +1

    crooked trump !!!

  • Gio Cat
    Gio Cat  5 hours ago +2

    This Administration reminds me of the lyrics from the Bee Gee's song. "I started a joke that started the whole world crying"

  • johnpro2
    johnpro2  6 hours ago

    Space force ..after 2 years he is still looking at mock up examples of the proposed 3000 kilometer wall to the south ...oh ..what about Canada ..he seems to hate them as well ?

  • johnpro2
    johnpro2  6 hours ago +1

    A lot of space between Donald's ears ....

  • Outcast Brows
    Outcast Brows  7 hours ago

    Idk U.S.S.F doesn’t seem catchy.

  • Bill Grandone
    Bill Grandone  7 hours ago

    And it will be headed by Flash Gordon, Tom Corbett, Han Solo, and the spaciest person we know, Louie Gohmert who will be in charge of keeping homosexuals off the last spaceship leaving earth when the sun threatens to melt the planet earth as he said he would do in a speech before Congress.

  • Kanwar Deol
    Kanwar Deol  8 hours ago

    By 2020 so he could leave something behind

  • N.G.H. Calmarena
    N.G.H. Calmarena  8 hours ago

    He's attracting the idiots. Sad.

  • Ally Bamma
    Ally Bamma  9 hours ago

    He is funny but wouldn't be laughing if he knew really what was happening .

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace  11 hours ago

    Sounds like its just an excuse to sell 10,000's of 'space force' hats to his lemming supporters,
    this time he'll get north korea to make em

  • CDevil
    CDevil  13 hours ago

    Once again, Trump shows his ignorance and Pence supports it.
    "Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies"
    Signed by the United States on Jan 27, 1967, this treaty ensures the peaceful, demilitarized use of outer space.

  • Margo Sparkle
    Margo Sparkle  13 hours ago

    Does the United States own Space?