'Big Bang Theory' star on Roseanne's tweets: Why? How?

  • Published on:  Saturday, June 2, 2018
  • In a candid interview, CNN's Van Jones asks "Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons if Roseanne Barr went too far with her tweets.


  • Disney girl 30 Gwilt

    This is just my opinion but I know it's to late. Since , Trump is president. Anyway, I don't know why TV shows or networks such as ABC for example is going nuts over this liberal and conservative issues I mean this never happened before with any other president. You know Trump should have never ran for president because seems like this would have never happened in the first place and shows like Roseanne, wouldn't haven't gotten cancelled. What I am trying to explain is this; a new Norm for television and all the networks or what's going on it's got to stop! Yes I am a liberal, and always have been I'm hoping it for the future whoever the next president might be that this will never happen again for TV stations across the country from NBC- TBS and so on.

  • Xtoriez Novel
    Xtoriez Novel  8 hours ago +1

    "We are all so easily offended." You said it Sheldon!

  • Patrick Debellefeuille

    *Any one know the majic word to become rich, must be one because there sure is one to become a racist for life, what's the word to become straight or gay of taller or thinner, YOU GUYS BELIEVE IN MAGICAL LAMPS OR SOMETHING, GET DA FCK OUTTA HERE YA FCKN NAGGERS!*

  • Nancy Saguar
    Nancy Saguar  10 hours ago

    pussy cunt and week person

  • Word Ninja
    Word Ninja  22 hours ago

    TY for pointing out the hypocrisy! We love you #VanJonesShow !

    RUMPOFSTEEL  22 hours ago

    'i find fascinating that the president can say things and get away with it that comedians can't'
    this is what striving to be a dictator looks like jim.

  • Christel Headington

    To; 50% of those commenting, if you get antenna TV you can still watch "All in the Family". You'll love Archie Bunker.

  • JoesGuy
    JoesGuy  2 days ago

    He's a pretty well-thought out kind of guy. I expected a full-blown Libtard sperg, but he seems like good people.

  • Joey Gana
    Joey Gana  2 days ago

    It was Funny, wow, this would never of happened 10 years ago, this generation is PUNK, SOFT SISSY LIBTARDS

  • Splendid Mendax
    Splendid Mendax  2 days ago

    Gays should not be allowed to adopt. Also the last thing they are is gay. And their pride crap is laughable.

  • Splendid Mendax
    Splendid Mendax  2 days ago

    His opinions are not well thought out.

  • Splendid Mendax
    Splendid Mendax  2 days ago

    Genetics will end homosexuals. Who would want a gay child. Its like being told your child will be blind or deformed.

  • Splendid Mendax
    Splendid Mendax  2 days ago

    Jim is great. If only he could be cured of his butt fucking desires.

  • kyle robinson
    kyle robinson  4 days ago


  • The Game
    The Game  4 days ago

    It's okay to run down white people all day. It's okay to run down Christians all day. It's okay to run down straight people all day. But God forbid if you say anything about minardis, gays or non-Christian people. Oh yeah let's not forget people running down President Trump because he is a white man is ok. But if a white person disagrees with President Obama that person was a Ku Klux Klan card Toten racist. This country has going ass backwards.

  • sajid akram
    sajid akram  4 days ago

    Bible hates roseanne fat ugly ugly bitch hurry up die so bible can send you to Satan like all racists

  • susan jackson
    susan jackson  5 days ago

    A sound mind speaking. Finally

  • Randy Patterson
    Randy Patterson  6 days ago

    Funniest? Ahhh noooo lmfao

  • IcanFartLOUD 1
    IcanFartLOUD 1  6 days ago

    The libtards are going to eat their own.......this is gonna get entertaining...

  • Carrie Ward
    Carrie Ward  6 days ago

    was this interview like super early in the morning ? he (Jim)looks like i do when i have to get up early