Just Married! - 10 Minute Power Hour

  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • Now kiss. Tell us what we should do next!

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  • Jclish7
    Jclish7  22 hours ago

    I love these mini storylines in these episodes

  • Tridom Ghost
    Tridom Ghost  22 hours ago

    Dan had that Luigi death stare at the beginning

  • Snuffy_Puppy
    Snuffy_Puppy  22 hours ago

    i feel like im a little bit of dan and arin combined, for one im tied between blue and pink as favorite color.

  • Tango Gaming
    Tango Gaming  23 hours ago

    Borrow me your email

  • David White
    David White  yesterday

    The underlying through line is choice.

  • jackt oi
    jackt oi  yesterday

    Arin probably has like two or more Roblox accounts made with his e-mail now.

  • Jacob Medina
    Jacob Medina  yesterday

    Was that email thing legit or a joke

    AVERY WATKINS  yesterday

    Sky Blue is my favorite color, my OC is SkyBlueBanana

  • Infant Motorist

    Why does Matt look like Voldemort's not-so-evil nephew from the angle he's shot

  • iNinachu
    iNinachu  yesterday

    Please do more of these question games omg

  • Paladin
    Paladin  2 days ago

    This was deeply funny. to the point that it was cathartic

  • Man Man
    Man Man  2 days ago

    I can’t tell if Matt coming I is a bit or not

  • mirageX22
    mirageX22  2 days ago

    Wait!..Is the email thing real or not??

  • Pompous Bastard
    Pompous Bastard  2 days ago

    I'm as proud as I am ashamed that I also knew almost every answer

  • Dead Mac
    Dead Mac  2 days ago

    Matt looks _soo_ uncomfortable

  • marcelo aguinaga
    marcelo aguinaga  3 days ago

    Arin definitely wouldn't like the shepherds tone

  • Rachael Hutton
    Rachael Hutton  3 days ago

    someone really needs to make this in an animation, that would be the best ever! lol

  • Player One
    Player One  3 days ago

    Why was he so s w e a t y

  • Olivia Messmer
    Olivia Messmer  3 days ago

    Lol I thought it was real for 0.2 seconds

    EXOTIC BUTTERS  3 days ago

    You just need to white boards and say...what does Arin wear to bed lol