Tristan Showers Khloé With Gifts: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S17, Ep 10) | E!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Khloé worries that Tristan is giving her extravagant gifts in an effort to win her back. Plus, take a look inside Kylie Jenner's surprise birthday party for Koko.

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    Tristan Showers Khloe With Gifts: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S17, Ep 10) | E!


  • Paula Gallant
    Paula Gallant  yesterday

    A hamster is one thing but to "dump" three dog's on somebody that clearly said NO is just wrong. Now what? Yup, just plain wrong.

  • Angie Gutierrez
    Angie Gutierrez  yesterday +1

    I hate when a guy cheats and wants to buy your forgiveness with expensive gifts... i wish he had the same energy before all the cheating scandals

  • gold dust
    gold dust  yesterday +1

    To get peace in your life you should make better men choices. Tristan don't want you. You claim he was all that when everyone knew he is a sampler when it comes to females. Haha. Just had to have black package. Got it with a child but where is he...on to the next. 🤣😂. Perhaps working on his next baby momma right. He has multiple choices with his young self. 😉 Smh

  • jovslk jovslk
    jovslk jovslk  yesterday

    honestly if i was khloe i would never speak to Tristan again.

  • Kay Pee
    Kay Pee  2 days ago

    In the beginning, Khloe looks more like Kim than Kim looks Kim lmao

  • Trixiesongzxoxo 2012

    Ugh oh my gosh they still have the iPhone 8 Plus ???

  • M M Moeen
    M M Moeen  3 days ago

    Why are mostly all of their boyfriend cheating on them????

  • Venice Veny
    Venice Veny  3 days ago

    Baby No 2 (and possibly 3 4 5) is the reason for her taking him back.The desperation to have other kids asap and preferably by him only instead of multiple baby daddies(even though she doesn't say it) is probably it. All that forgiveness this and that is BS. She's probably been praying for him to come back to her. Cant see why else she'd keep up the charade.

  • Roblox play
    Roblox play  3 days ago

    Настя коза

  • Gabriela Medina
    Gabriela Medina  4 days ago


  • Martine Vevang
    Martine Vevang  4 days ago +6

    Dogs are not dolls, tossing them around like that is cruel and disgusting. Kris that’s on you.

  • Adnan Shaihk
    Adnan Shaihk  4 days ago

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  • David Charles Fisher
    David Charles Fisher  4 days ago +1

    Khloe obviously got a button nose job

  • Muneer Ahmad
    Muneer Ahmad  5 days ago


  • Pasquale Fenty
    Pasquale Fenty  5 days ago

    2:10 WAIT ! Animals are not toy ! You can’t jut buy one for a prank

  • Nirmal Sidhu
    Nirmal Sidhu  7 days ago

    I will be disgusted to have a partner like Tristan..he is buying her with jewelry..🤮

  • Mason Howl
    Mason Howl  7 days ago

    Khloe please don’t go back to him
    Rmb how he treated you when you needed him the most
    Cheating on a woman who is going into labour? Isn’t that the epitome of trash

  • Delancey Mccarthy
    Delancey Mccarthy  7 days ago +1

    She still loves him and he knows it.

  • Amy Dali
    Amy Dali  7 days ago

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  • Lady Reyes
    Lady Reyes  7 days ago

    Tristan is a cheater nothings are gonna change but its GOOD to give gifts to the one who you LOVED