Gordon Struggles To Eat A GIANT Sandwich | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019
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  • Kamil Wilczak
    Kamil Wilczak  6 hours ago

    At 0:38. Gordan ramsy has become a viliger making her noise

  • H3nkkap
    H3nkkap  9 hours ago

    That sandwich was bummer

  • Geozrobo
    Geozrobo  10 hours ago

    Me :mmm looks nice
    Gordon: " this is revolting"
    Me: yea omg that looks horrible

  • Razbionic
    Razbionic  11 hours ago

    I know what else is to big cookie dough

  • Akuma Chrisenth
    Akuma Chrisenth  11 hours ago

    Me, watching this show while eating reheated spaghetti from a week ago: The steak is undercooked and that flan is terrible.

  • Leon Henning
    Leon Henning  12 hours ago

    Why is there a pirate in the kitchen?

  • Yonathan Aaron
    Yonathan Aaron  13 hours ago

    what is the full episode called

  • Birdy
    Birdy  17 hours ago

    I was expecting another "finally... Some good f*cking food"

  • Jesus Of Nazareth The Only True Living God

    Disgusting, and the workers are making the food without gloves. Yuck, germs germs germs.

  • kirbysup channel
    kirbysup channel  20 hours ago +1

    Ok bomer

  • Jose Garza
    Jose Garza  20 hours ago

    Who TF they feeding, Scooby fuckin Doo?

  • humza raza
    humza raza  21 hours ago

    This guys so dramatic just eaat the sandwich

  • appledroplarry
    appledroplarry  yesterday

    Why take the sandwich apart? The flavors should compliment each other. Gordon is full of shit on this one.

  • Voltspear
    Voltspear  yesterday +1

    Big bay fucking shit, my fucking bomb bay doors have opened

  • nyxzus
    nyxzus  yesterday

    "If you serve good food the people will come".....
    ....."Well, we continue to serve good food, but the people don't come".

    M4RK_D0NUHT  yesterday

    its baulmer

  • Foamlab USA
    Foamlab USA  yesterday

    I struggle to look at her giant hair

  • axell ramirez
    axell ramirez  yesterday

    00:37 ok, boomer

  • Awesomeness
    Awesomeness  yesterday

    Ok Boomer!

  • TheSimba86
    TheSimba86  yesterday

    "served wiff" LOL