ABANDONED Ford F250 First Start in 24 years - Vice Grip Garage EP39

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 27, 2019
  • I bought this forgotten 1967 Ford F-250 on a farm hours north of where I live. The truck was last plated 24 years ago. I attempt to revive the old truck, and drive it off the property! Plenty of ups and downs with this project! Overall, the trucks in pretty decent shape considering it was left for dead. Think I'll make it off the property under it's own power? Watch and FIND OUT!

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  • vwkaferman
    vwkaferman  2 months ago +682

    Just finished this vid. Best 40+ minutes I’ve spent on Youtube in years. Good vid, fantastic Dad. Subscribed.

  • John C Cargill
    John C Cargill  10 hours ago

    I think Brad should be a regular.

  • John C Cargill
    John C Cargill  10 hours ago

    A matchbook cover is about .35 inches

  • chris
    chris  11 hours ago

    should have wiped the oil filter housing on the engine clean before putting that new filter on.lol

  • Niterider Allen
    Niterider Allen  11 hours ago

    300i6 170hp? Hahaha

  • Thad Curry
    Thad Curry  14 hours ago

    Aaaaaa F100

  • 1 Proud American
    1 Proud American  16 hours ago

    The best part of the video was the Father Son team work.
    Unfortunately there's not enough of that these days.
    God Bless, Good Luck and Be Safe.

  • David Isle
    David Isle  18 hours ago

    This series has become my new YouTube addiction!! Hope to run into you at a show this coming spring

  • FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit
    FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit  18 hours ago

    7:09 to 7:11 he tasted oil

  • FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit
    FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit  18 hours ago

    Today's flavor of oil I laughed so hard and when you tasted it like hahahah your the funniest guy

  • FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit
    FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit  18 hours ago

    Old ford 2 guys what's the worst that can happen

  • Duececoupe
    Duececoupe  20 hours ago

    As a legendary, if not famous, philosopher once worded to the bird...."a fella" is warming up to these cowboy Cadillacs and this one is a keeper, even if just a Ford!
    Oh look at the time, it's nearly rum.30!!

  • Changa Carr
    Changa Carr  yesterday

    becauwe they push the wrong fucign shiteer in

  • Anthony Eugene
    Anthony Eugene  yesterday

    Minnesotas Hank Hill

  • korgano1
    korgano1  yesterday

    from one dad to another. that was an pleasure to watch! great job teaching your son!

  • Alex A
    Alex A  yesterday

    This brings back a lot of good memories of helping my grandpa work on cars in his field. Steering them as he pulled them with the tractor and bringing them back to life. That kid is going to remember those memories for life. Trust me

  • Marley West
    Marley West  2 days ago

    What a sweet sounding straigh 6 engine just like the one I have in my 66 f100...
    Man you just can't ask for a better son he is going to turn out to be a best mechanic or a best surgeon. Thanks for sharing your happiness. You're a funny dad 🤘

  • ezpipes
    ezpipes  2 days ago

    Where in Minnesota?????

  • Dalton Bichon
    Dalton Bichon  2 days ago

    Loving these vids

  • The Invisible Man
    The Invisible Man  2 days ago

    Love how this guy has a nickname for everything 😂! "Sparkalaters"🤣!