Rescuing a 1977 Peterbilt 359 From Its Grave - First Time On the Road in 18 Years

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 9, 2018
  • EDIT: Thanks everyone for all the views and comments, it's amazing how this video went so viral. If you haven't already, please check out the two update videos I've posted about this 359. If you like what you see, stay tuned for videos on some of Ryan's other trucks...a Kenworth W900A and a Mack Superliner, and possibly others. There's always a new project to work on, whether I'm at Ryan's shop, the shop at school, or my garage at home.


  • Toby Corbin
    Toby Corbin  7 hours ago


  • Westernsharpie's RC
    Westernsharpie's RC  12 hours ago

    5000 dislikes from Greta, how dare you

  • clarkxxkent1
    clarkxxkent1  15 hours ago

    Good to see this ole beast still can't beat American machinery

  • Jeremy Strickland
    Jeremy Strickland  17 hours ago +1

    The Man who owned this truck i bet is happy to see the ol girl running and back on the road he will thank you guys later

  • Adrian Tomlin
    Adrian Tomlin  yesterday +1

    Smoking a cig driving at night trying to fight sleep. Stopping at a little small 24 hr restaurant at 2:00 in the morning. Grabbing either short stack or a good ol greasy cheeseburger and hitting the road again!!! Damn those were the times man.

  • John Lane
    John Lane  yesterday

    I hope that she's working and not just a lawn ornament in new owner's field!

  • Nancy Anne Graves

    She's ,,,short for EXTRAORDINARY PRRRRETY♡

  • SxtFever
    SxtFever  yesterday

    Here's your bread and butter can you make an update on the status of this truck you know after you clean it up and find out what issues she had but damn that's a beautiful rig

  • Константин Клементьев

    Машина зверь!

  • Zac Babcock
    Zac Babcock  2 days ago

    DEF system has ruined new trucks ! When a truck goes to the shop now it's DEF related, this ole Pete will probably have less problems than a new one .

  • Elson Ab
    Elson Ab  2 days ago

    Thank you for rescuing the beautiful piece of machine 😍 I love old trucks. A piece of our history. People don't see it but this truck keep out economi up. The back bones of our country.

  • John Sellers
    John Sellers  2 days ago

    Man, think about how man lot lizards that thing has seen!

  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott  2 days ago

    Didn't know person passed away I guess that's why it sat

  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott  2 days ago

    Why did this truck sit for so long

  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott  2 days ago

    If we ban computers in this wourld people would have to work

  • Andrey Bereznyak
    Andrey Bereznyak  2 days ago

    хорош аппарат

  • يونس علي
    يونس علي  2 days ago

    What about the land and trees that you burned?

  • Carl Campbell
    Carl Campbell  3 days ago +1

    "Had to dig out the front tires" no kidding!

  • Carl Campbell
    Carl Campbell  3 days ago

    Such a cool machine and probably a great value too for that much heavy duty equipment!

  • Al Bore
    Al Bore  3 days ago

    What do you say there Bandit ? You Got Your Ears On ?
    How does it look back over yer shoulder to The Big A ?