Old Moline Tractor First Start In Many Years - Vice Grip Garage EP43

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 1, 2019
  • This old Minneapolis Moline M602 tractor has been sitting for a long time. It only makes sense that I go unprepared and try its first start in years. This old tractor has lots of character, and sure gives a guy a big fight! It clearly needed a ignition rebuild, but of course I didn't have all the parts. The updraft carburetor also needs a rebuild. Who do you think will win?

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  • Back40 Project Progress

    That was un expected

  • cerebral palsy gamer 98

    Dodge HEMI First Start In Years - Vice Grip Garage EP46

    the first video I found of yours absolutely love classic cars my favorite one will always be the 1969 Camaro SS love your channel man have a nice day

  • Noah Hamilton
    Noah Hamilton  yesterday

    Bro that whole ozempic ad was just them talking about how bad it could hurt you haha

  • Bernard Stander

    A fella just needs a new carb there!!!

  • Josh Moss
    Josh Moss  yesterday

    Had the same problem on a 54 Ford here on the farm with that exact carb. I couldn't get it to stay running for the life of me. I think I had to prime the gas line and I think I adjusted the float and the mixture way richer than they really should be and it runs great now.

  • Theodore Dowman
    Theodore Dowman  2 days ago

    I'll buy his super pro 125 saws..

  • Theodore Dowman
    Theodore Dowman  2 days ago

    I have a few dozen chainsaws. I saw some 10-10s & some possibly super pro McCullochs there.

  • John Rodgers
    John Rodgers  2 days ago

    Fantastically entertaining video ! You remind me of Red Green ( minus his irritating voice ) and you are 100 times funnier . Keep up the great hilarious work you are doing .

  • Larry DiTizio
    Larry DiTizio  2 days ago

    A guy was wondering if a guy had ever not been able to "take her out for a test drive" ;-/ All a guy needs is a new "fire maker" AKA Carb.. ;-)

  • blperoc
    blperoc  2 days ago

    If you were a normal 5'3" you wouldn't have all those back problems!

  • mike kotarba
    mike kotarba  2 days ago

    I enjoyed the project

  • Donald Meisenzahl

    I have an old pay loader with the same engine. Those updraft carbs are a pain. I had to adjust the floats to the point where I had the fuel. I also added a toggle switch to the coil. Ill explain. The points need only six - nine volts to operate. I added the switch to run twelve volts for a cold start. I’ve pulled that carburetor off so many times. 😂. She’s a runner. Great video...

  • Divided Being Motorsports

    I always get a "Survivorman" vibe from your videos but for a Minnesotan mechanic haha. Love it

  • The Abandoned South
    The Abandoned South  4 days ago +4

    He’s like the Bob Ross of cars

  • Dakota Ireland
    Dakota Ireland  5 days ago

    I bet that tractor would run if he adjusted the carb

  • yamahonkawazuki
    yamahonkawazuki  5 days ago +1

    Situations like this i wish we could import "start ya bastard" from australia to north america lol.

  • MadMan92
    MadMan92  6 days ago

    You say not to start the tractor there but I've been doing that exact same routine for years to start our old M602 diesel. Lol

  • bigdaddy 1992
    bigdaddy 1992  6 days ago

    Great video I know andy from tractor pulling my cousin jay is good friends with him

  • theflyingstonemason 68

    My condolences. 😑

  • Abdullah Ayatrollah

    love the sponsers