7075, 7076... Whatever It Takes

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Don't know if this was worth the effort, but was in a chatty mood. Come along for the ride as I sort out a few little things on a Factory Scorpa. We'll do bad things, I promise.


  • Cyn Hicks
    Cyn Hicks  an hour ago

    You're audio editing skills for humorous effect are not unnoticed sir. 👍

    Interrupting yourself with yourself is a very fine technique. Much better than saying, "anyway." Good job using the media.

  • Justina
    Justina  2 hours ago

    oh because it's brand new... well i love it.

  • Justina
    Justina  2 hours ago

    how have i just now found ur channel.

  • Tristan Loteryman
    Tristan Loteryman  3 hours ago

    Are you using a wood router bit for that PVC?

  • Kris Roberts
    Kris Roberts  4 hours ago

    You can get aluminium sticks that you can use a propane torch to heat that probably would of done the job perfectly that maybe similar to what you used anyway?

  • Crystal Soulslayer

    You owe me a new chair. There's a bite mark out of mine from the opening, and then I pissed myself laughing at the text on the Ultrasonic Foot Peg Cleaner.

  • Nordlands
    Nordlands  11 hours ago

    12:09 Why did you put both washers back on one side? I would think the pegs will rub against the frame bracket on the side without washer then, as opposed to as they were at 4:32.

  • Chemicalvamp
    Chemicalvamp  16 hours ago

    Last time I felt like a penguin I was lounging on an iceberg, Slid into the water for a bit of fishing when my neighbor told me if I don't get out of his pool he would call the police.

  • Mark Deaton
    Mark Deaton  17 hours ago

    I have a 2001 Electra Glide that leaks gas only on Tuesdays.

  • Douglas
    Douglas  19 hours ago

    This Old Tony Thanks for makin'!

  • Josh Long
    Josh Long  yesterday

    Here’s what you do: Weld the extra bit on the frame side, not the peg side.

  • Robert stanley
    Robert stanley  yesterday

    time running out for the Christmas special

  • MrBogusgasman
    MrBogusgasman  yesterday

    Iv got one of them. It's a weapon

  • jarno snoeck
    jarno snoeck  yesterday

    Hey tony! Could you possibly make a video about making serrated surfaces on nuts other various things?

  • khaled kin
    khaled kin  yesterday

    This old Tony
    HI I am khaled from syria
    I love your videos
    Special about lathe
    P. S your English is so bad I can't understand you wel😁

  • Nicholas R.M.
    Nicholas R.M.  yesterday

    Ok, you made me look up what a penguin sounds like...
    Boy was I not expecting that sound!

  • Pete Johnson
    Pete Johnson  yesterday

    I once ate a foot long corn dog on a nude beach. I'll never do that again.

  • Jeremy Jakubek
    Jeremy Jakubek  2 days ago

    Tot, just wondering how to get ahold of you other than a public comment? I have some questions for you... something you maybe interested in.

  • Austin Bartose
    Austin Bartose  2 days ago +9

    “Can’t be welded, don’t try”

    Immediately welds it

    SMOKINSTINE  2 days ago

    I dont know if you will read this, but i just wanted to say thanks bud, i been think of diong something simular on utube for 20 years. thanks to some much needed motivation from you and a few others here, i have posted my first edumacationial vid, with many more to come, --love n respect bud !