Trisha: My Thoughts

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.


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  • Beckaboo3397
    Beckaboo3397  51 minutes ago

    Thank you GiGi , you’re such a beautiful sound.
    I commented in her first vid ,maybe I don’t hate , educate.💖✨✨

  • Lu Garc
    Lu Garc  5 hours ago

    Okay but ya'll should know that Trisha is a troll (no I'm not defending her, she's a huge hot mess)
    She's clearly bored and wants the attention and merely exists to stir the pot. It excites her

  • Charles M.D
    Charles M.D  9 hours ago +1

    Trisha the trashy troll.

  • callyod
    callyod  10 hours ago +1

    Gigi, Trisha is a troll, she's trolling everybody, everyone can see it!!

  • Kyle Koala
    Kyle Koala  10 hours ago

    Unsurprisingly, this video is nearly all about Gigi and very little about Trisha & the contents of Trisha’s video...

  • SerenaAlice
    SerenaAlice  12 hours ago +1

    Gigi, PLEASE don't buy her bull.

  • toby schamburger
    toby schamburger  12 hours ago +1

    yes. educate the ignorant. trisha = ignorant. please educate her.

  • Laura Buckley
    Laura Buckley  13 hours ago +1

    Thing is in a couple of weeks she’ll be back to showing her clothes haul and she’ll have forgotten all about being transgender, this time though she shouldn’t be allowed to

  • Sarcastically_me
    Sarcastically_me  16 hours ago +1

    Instead of respecting her new gender, you should be admitting her to a rehab/psychiatric hospital.

  • laleczka1987
    laleczka1987  16 hours ago +1

    Wow Gigi you really don't care about the community, do you...

  • Kaleb H
    Kaleb H  17 hours ago +1

    "I'm 1000% trans and I'm 1000% 'natural'." Umm... That's not- that's not how it works

  • PinkandPurpleBullets
    PinkandPurpleBullets  18 hours ago +1

    Yeah I agree with lots of the comments, its not about being transgendered or not.
    She has a mental illness. Let's use that power to address this first.

  • Beckie Ross
    Beckie Ross  19 hours ago +2

    Oh ffs Trisha is not transgender. I would never ever tell someone they aren’t something they identify as but Trisha is just something else.

  • Taylor Ross
    Taylor Ross  20 hours ago

    Thank you for this. Someone in my life came out as transgender and It’s been hard seeing a point of view. I love you!

  • Ethany Yeah
    Ethany Yeah  21 hours ago +1

    when she said 🤠 i felt that

  • Roman King
    Roman King  yesterday +1

    so easy for you to say "its not about how you look" lol gtfo gigi

  • Hali Tsotetsi
    Hali Tsotetsi  yesterday

    What beautiful words!

  • Krystal Quinto
    Krystal Quinto  yesterday


  • Nya Boyle
    Nya Boyle  yesterday +1

    i thought she was identified as a chicken nugget 😳

  • Skyedem
    Skyedem  yesterday

    It doesn't matter what we think we know about Trisha, or what we think of Trisha's content. We have no right to decide for someone else that they are or are not trans. You can choose to have an "opinion" on it, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. If someone identifies one way, that's them, weather or not it is believed, that is who they are. And no one can change that.

    Also, labels aren't permanent. They can change and change until you find one that fits you, or dont. It's all just a label, be who you are. That's all.