CRAZY Totaled WRECKED Rollover REBUILD Semi Purchased At Copart | 2019 Volvo Semi Truck | Part 2 |

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 24, 2019
  • Progress is being made... we have disassembled the Front end. Still a lot of work ahead. Thanks for watching! please leave a LIKE, Subscribe, And ENJOY!

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  • TheRustyCracker
    TheRustyCracker  9 months ago +85

    Thanks everyone for watching, I know everyone is asking what actually happened and I just got in contact with family member and will get all info on it soon. FYI Someone did pass away... my condolences to the family.... stay tuned and I will release the info as soon as I gather everything up and confirm the story. STAY SAFE OUT THERE TRUCKERS!

  • Tom W
    Tom W  yesterday

    It comes apart a lot harder than it goes together.

    RANDELL COPELAND  5 days ago

    How much was actually salvageable?

  • Nikhil N Naidu
    Nikhil N Naidu  5 days ago

    Hey love the videos, I'm a huge fan of you and I was wondering if you could give me a shoutout, I've watched this video so many times so yeah hope you can give me a shoutout

  • yeahitskimmel
    yeahitskimmel  7 days ago

    How much miles?

  • Bob Steinbruck
    Bob Steinbruck  7 days ago +1

    Best video of this type anywhere! No wasted time - fast motion - appropriate description...

  • Brandon Kaercher
    Brandon Kaercher  21 days ago

    No wonder it crumbled it's a Volvo.

  • Kevin Lamarr
    Kevin Lamarr  21 days ago

    That’s what I want to do. Except I want to sell parts rather than putting back in service. How much was the truck?

  • James Gass
    James Gass  21 days ago +1

    my question is why aren't you bagging everything as far as bolts,,

  • Peter Jenks
    Peter Jenks  21 days ago

    That's some big project, you've got balls ha ha go for it.

  • leeroy
    leeroy  28 days ago

    I have watched a lot of wrecked cars never a truck man u got balls bloody brilliant was in my recommend sub now great job

  • _Idiot_ Savant
    _Idiot_ Savant  28 days ago

    Yeah talk about a deal, up in MA you can’t even buy a 30 yr old tri axle dump truck with under 500k for $20k

  • Ernesto Rosales
    Ernesto Rosales  28 days ago

    You should come to try the copart yard 62 Austin TX i work for copart.

  • Blackie Skinner
    Blackie Skinner  a months ago

    That thing is wasted

  • randy arnold
    randy arnold  a months ago


  • noah arce
    noah arce  a months ago

    Holy jesus resurrection 😯👍

  • Ted Van Matje
    Ted Van Matje  a months ago

    "System air pressure is Low"....that's and understatement, lol

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot  a months ago

    wow that's pretty fucked, I wish you luck

  • Muska T
    Muska T  a months ago

    Бродячие собаки)

  • john doe
    john doe  2 months ago

    Craigslist add be like low km great condition minor accident truck