Buying A USED CUMMINS Diesel !! What I look for when BUYING

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019
  • What I look for when buying a dodge Cummins and most of this applies to all other diesel brands. Hope you guys enjoy and Likes are appreciated!

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  • B. Seminole
    B. Seminole  2 days ago

    Could you just take it to the shop and get it checked out?

  • ChiefSavage_SRT4
    ChiefSavage_SRT4  7 days ago

    Very helpful video thank you for this video! I am planning on getting a 6.7 within the next week or two, definitely going to check everything you showed me again thank you and a subscribe for your channel along with a like

  • George Dimitrov
    George Dimitrov  7 days ago

    this is awesome info! thanks for posting!

  • TruckcityTV
    TruckcityTV  7 days ago

    To many ads

  • josue hemp
    josue hemp  7 days ago


  • lisapruitt72
    lisapruitt72  7 days ago

    6.7 cummins are very commonly known for blowing head gaskets especially if you have a factory exhaust brake and haul a lot.

  • Dale Myers
    Dale Myers  7 days ago


  • Joe Nyari
    Joe Nyari  14 days ago

    Thank you very informative..I wouldn’t have known without watching your video ...

  • TroubadourJuggernaut

    Awesome videos my friend !!

  • Matt Posey
    Matt Posey  14 days ago

    Ok so shaky all that stuff what if u got a 12v Bc everythibg ratttles n shakes

  • Brian Fleck
    Brian Fleck  14 days ago

    I got a 97 dodge with 12 valve when it warms up I got pressure in radiator

  • Zach Randall
    Zach Randall  14 days ago +20

    You look like a Dollar general version of Luke Combs.

  • serg javier
    serg javier  14 days ago +2

    I don’t even own a diesel but I love learning and watching your videos sir. I’m a Hemi man myself but love the power and sound diesel create. Very informative video bro! Subscribed

  • Gurneet Chatha
    Gurneet Chatha  21 days ago

    Great video

  • Marcos World
    Marcos World  21 days ago

    Are you related to Luke Combs?

  • micheal whynot
    micheal whynot  21 days ago

    Us dumb canadians dont like you dump Yankees either

  • Roger Groover
    Roger Groover  21 days ago

    How to buy a diesel was a very good video! Thanks Westen!

  • Didier Mukendi
    Didier Mukendi  21 days ago

    Your wives will leave your butts for buying that thing

  • Inbred Cracker_Trout

    You're one private seller I'd buy from any day of the week.

  • leegenix
    leegenix  a months ago

    I love your channel, Westen. I got worried about your bout from pneumonia. I had that as a kid and an adult. Originally from Texas and ended up here in California as a kid. Dad transferred as a jet mechanic is why.
    Been thinking of relocating to Wichita or back to Texas to get away from the nasty people in California. I figured with good, decent, honest folks like you, life may be enjoyable again.
    Cheers and thanks for knowledge and good times.
    I actually had a good time watching your vids. I spent time working on farms working the lands and drove heavy equipment.
    Please watch your health and well.