$5,000 2010 Ford F350- Cummins Swap 6.4L to 12 valve Cummins

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 26, 2019
  • We pull the old 6.4L engine out of the ford f350 to make room for 12 valve Cummins swap and the f700 donates an engine.

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  • Westen Champlin
    Westen Champlin  6 months ago +357

    Drop a LIKE on the video if you're excited to see the fummins come together! I know you guys have been waiting on this one.

  • bob johnson
    bob johnson  6 days ago

    thats so cool Donnie Baker helped you in this motor swap!!!!!! lmao

  • The psycho vlogger

    Yall just ruined the meaning of built tough.

  • Jesse Ray
    Jesse Ray  7 days ago

    at 13;11 the spinning fan anomaly, is considered a flick rate. now with that flick rate and combined with certain frequency, is how humans are programmed. then add the [new] leds, your ass is mine forever and ever. all your brain knows, it was put there from outside source. and you are who

  • F165
    F165  14 days ago

    Did you hear Royal Purple now sell brake fluid conditioner?

  • Hollywood5453
    Hollywood5453  14 days ago

    Ah another 6.4 hater.... just like all the other armchair mechanics , over tuning their 6.4 and breaking them .... my 08 6.4 is at 375,000 miles and runs just fine .....

  • Craig Burwell
    Craig Burwell  14 days ago

    She's addicted 2 starting fluid

  • dillon w
    dillon w  14 days ago

    the original fummins, yes! that shit made me actually lol

  • Attempted Murder Rampage

    6:40 is how everyone finds their 10mm socket

  • valentin fesyuk
    valentin fesyuk  14 days ago

    Nice looking peterbilt!! If you selling it let me know!!

  • Error
    Error  14 days ago +1

    The thing is, when you're strokin' you're havin' a damn good time, but when you're cummin, you know the funs about to be over.

  • No U
    No U  21 days ago

    So I ironically just recently bought a 08 F350 single rear wheel for under 5k and it runs it was wrecked at copart but it runs had big honkin wheels on it and is a pretty nice truck plan to run the 6.4 in the mofo till something goes wrong then slap my 12v i have laying around in it.

  • Knox Crider
    Knox Crider  21 days ago

    This is what winning looks like!!

  • Patriot4967
    Patriot4967  21 days ago

    As a Ford guy, even I have to say they seriously fucked up the 6.4, and it's total shit. At least the 6.0 is a good engine once the EGR is bypassed and the headbolts are replaced.

  • Dr. Steveo
    Dr. Steveo  21 days ago

    ads ruined the video

  • Brandon Driver
    Brandon Driver  21 days ago

    Since it is a 2010 does it have to have the omissions put back on since it’s not a 6.4 anymore

  • Collin Smithwick
    Collin Smithwick  28 days ago

    Plz more peterbilt videos👍👍😂😂

  • cbr1thou
    cbr1thou  28 days ago

    Fix a ferd

  • William Osullivan
    William Osullivan  28 days ago

    I proudly drive my ford cause I paid for it and it's what I can afford and I never used to like Ford but now i love my ford cause a truck is a truck and I love my truck no matter what it is cause I worked hard to get whatever truck I drive

  • L R
    L R  a months ago

    I had a 460 efi in a 4x4 Lariat at over 200k completely rebuilt with a few upgrades, raised compression a little and they did everything. It cost like $3300.00 and it still gets a little better than 10 MPG with bale bed feeder and tools. I pulled a Tractor back from Missouri with it in June it still maintained over 60 mph pulling the Hill west out of Cedar Vale KS, near old Westins house, as it only downshifted twice, even in overdrive most of the way, no problem. I had a 7.3 power stroke and I let go after my dad past away I no longer regret it the refreshed old gasser does just fine even pulling, it didn't get much worse mileage, or seem to have less power than the Diesel did, and it's cheap to service. If the computer goes south I can buy a intake manifold and carburetor. lol That ford Westin has though is very nice.