Federal Leaders' Debate 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 7, 2019
  • Marking two weeks from election day, six federal party leaders are set to face off as part of the English-language debate at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que.

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  • CBC News
    CBC News  7 days ago +256

    Not a fan of this debate format? The National sat down with the four main party leaders individually in their Face to Face series last week. You can watch the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvntPLkd9IMeMFvr93nunecusrsn8ZFFz ^akd

  • Donald Edward
    Donald Edward  49 minutes ago

    Andrew has a lovely smile but I won't be voting for him. I decided to make my donation to whomever sounded closest to the way I want the country to be led. It turned out to be the guy with the beard.

  • Richard Kioe
    Richard Kioe  50 minutes ago

    Not a Canadian, but someone out there was getting upset at the first speech because he is far below the other Prime Minister and offensely attack with words just to get into that position rather than telling or finding solutions for what is asked. He just try to light up the fire instead of promoting himself

    This kind of person is not the right person to become your leader, Canadians.

    World is already full of greedy Leader and the climate changes very quick over the years ( travel then you will know ), You guys need a super fine leader to show more RESULTS like Justin than the leader who attacked the other party just to get into that position. It is very clear that he obviously will do the same to his people or anyones who comes His way...

  • Geo Logic
    Geo Logic  57 minutes ago

    Anyone who is in favor of privatization should take a look at what that has done to the people of the United States. Privatization is code for: Raid the peoples taxes and put it into the pockets of CEOs and billionaires. Dont make America's mistake Canada, we've learned the hard way where liberitarianism goes: straight to poverty.

  • heeey Devon
    heeey Devon  an hour ago

    Does Andrew Scheer have any other responses besides "but Justin Trudeau..."

  • embreeza
    embreeza  3 hours ago

    This is unwatchable

    VORTEX MILITANT  3 hours ago

    Middle class: hippity hoppity alot of your wealth is now my property

  • Ashish Khurana
    Ashish Khurana  4 hours ago

    Scary debate!!! I am really worried!!!

  • Luxury Trend
    Luxury Trend  4 hours ago

    Funny 😁

  • Courtenay Keddy
    Courtenay Keddy  5 hours ago +1

    "You may now respond to Mr.Singh"

    Everyone: "Mr.Sheer-"

  • Sam
    Sam  6 hours ago


  • Diodorus b
    Diodorus b  6 hours ago

    When I hear the about climate change “religion” I just want to vomit .
    If you like the climate change religion ( lie ) be ready for the yoke of Steele they gonna put on your neck and say “hooray” to slavery.

  • leomen tampus
    leomen tampus  6 hours ago

    god bless you prime minister justin trudeau and to all the cannadian gloval leadears and to all the cannadians communities

  • Dooqliss
    Dooqliss  7 hours ago


  • Unbiased History
    Unbiased History  7 hours ago

    “If you’d like to start by answering Reagan’s question”
    “I would like to start by answering Reagan’s question”

  • Darrin G.
    Darrin G.  9 hours ago

    So please tell me CBC...since when were the Bloq Quebecois a party for Federalism??? Would've have been more correct to say 5 Federal Party Leaders and one Separatist Leader who shouldn't even be there!

  • Queen Lucky
    Queen Lucky  9 hours ago

    NDP and Liberal are probably the same. Raise tax. You need Conservative.

  • Cesar Godoy
    Cesar Godoy  9 hours ago

    Tfw your American but your election is getting kinda repetitive so you watch the Canadian debate instead

  • Doug Diamond
    Doug Diamond  10 hours ago

    The worst moderated debate I’ve ever seen. CBC should be ashamed.

  • MostlyGinger
    MostlyGinger  12 hours ago

    Anyone who is either saying "Oh Scheer couldn't stop talking about Trudeau" or "Trudeau kept talking only about Harper's Government" is blind, they both are arguing in the exact way to eachother. All other four party leaders were far more respectful and well spoken about their policies.