379 Peterbilt Restoration Project - Fast Forward Recap ( McDonald Chrome Shop )

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 10, 2019
  • 379 Peterbilt Restoration Project - Fast Forward Recap ( McDonald Chrome Shop )
    Watch the entire truck build from start to finish in under 6 minutes! Thank you to Trux Accessories for helping us on this project!

    Link for our most popular products used on our builds ( more products added daily) - https://mcdonaldchromeshop.com/

    Trucks for sale - https://www.mcdonaldtrucksales.com/


  • Nick James 73
    Nick James 73  2 days ago +1

    Awesome vid, terrible music.

  • Julian Chung
    Julian Chung  3 days ago

    Wow it looks brand new! I can imagine how much time and effort was done, it came out beautiful!

  • Scott Kucinski
    Scott Kucinski  7 days ago +1

    Wow love it, need a driver lol?

  • todd carter
    todd carter  7 days ago

    No need to cover the fucking motor or anything lol

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  • Millionaire
    Millionaire  7 days ago +1

    Классика 👆👍👍👍👏

  • Elliot maldonado
    Elliot maldonado  7 days ago +1

    Where is this shop at

  • Sideshow Paul
    Sideshow Paul  21 days ago

    More lights the dot can fail you for.

  • w romanycia
    w romanycia  21 days ago

    Not bad to bad didn't think full wheel cover or hubcaps keeps rocks from windshields & burns less fuel

  • Henry Recinos
    Henry Recinos  21 days ago +1

    Now this is sexy ...good work guys I hope one day I'm able to to this for my dad

  • Bodine 7-22-69
    Bodine 7-22-69  21 days ago +3

    Don't know what he used on the tanks and aluminum besides elbow grease ,but they sure shined up nice ,I wash mine first then use an sos soap pad then the small mothers power ball on a drill for my wheels and a buffer on my tanks with a foam pad ,and if they still aren't shiny enough for me I'll use never dull wading polish and it takes a while but does a pretty good job but don't think I've ever got em as shiny as yours ,nice paint job to my favorite color ,white and chrome lol

  • Aquatic Mullet
    Aquatic Mullet  21 days ago +2

    I have nothing to do with trucks but that’s awesome you give her life and she is beautiful well done 👍

  • 1991
    1991  21 days ago +1

    Great job.

  • Raza Ghumman
    Raza Ghumman  28 days ago +2

    Beautiful 👌

  • john jdm
    john jdm  28 days ago

    I bett u there was allot allot of clear runs and paint runs also fish eyes if u know what I mean

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales  28 days ago +1

    Love. este troke kedo cnulo esa petrita 👍👍 muy vuen travajo

  • Ryan Hale
    Ryan Hale  28 days ago +1

    Truck was not prepped right before sealer\primer that paint will delaminate with in a year...you should be ashamed for turning out work like that

  • The Big Furry
    The Big Furry  28 days ago

    What is the backstory of the truck? Also great vid

  • V Stevens
    V Stevens  28 days ago +1

    That shit is....SWAEEEET !!! 👍😎🇺🇸

  • David Merrill
    David Merrill  a months ago +1

    Artic White looks good nice job guys but the white color will be a pain in the ass to keep clean cause my Lexus GS 300 is artic White with Pearel Matalic Flake Paint have to wash it alot to keep clean ..... Good luck to the guy .